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An amazing fiction book with colorful illustrations that will delight your imagination!

Primrose's Curse Book is available for purchase worldwide!

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Personalized special edition (Your name printed on first page of the book) available only @ vikipublishing.com

Note: 25% of profits from Primrose's Curse book sales on this website will benefit kids' education through OSAAT(One School At A Time). One School At A Time is a non-profit 501 organization dedicated to helping rebuild infrastructure of underprivileged, rural schools in India.

Primrose's Curse [Personalized special edition(Your name printed on first page)]

Primrose's Curse [Personalized special edition(Your name printed on first page)]

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“An Adorable Story Written by a Father-Daughter Duo!" 

- Megan Schmelzer, openbookreviews.org

“An outstanding work of putting imagination into words by a brilliant young mind!” 

  - Kusumita Ghose, Book Blogger.

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